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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The pleasure of writing

Today, I am grateful for writing and all that it gives me. Of course, I mean all the work that has gone into books I love, as well as my own writing. Anyone who complains about what hard work writing is is missing the point of being a writer, I think.

Losing oneself in a story, becoming excited about a character, coming up with ideas and dialogue seemingly without conscious planning--this is what it is all about. I know how blessed I am to have this pleasure, as it is by no means guaranteed to each of us that we will find it. So many people hate their work, complain about what they do each day, and never seem to experience the purposeful activity that writing is for me.

I consider myself lucky because every job I do is a way of supporting my writing habit; every place I have lived has been a place to pursue writing. I have this constant in my life. For some people, their constant purpose is the job that pays their mortgage, or the hobby that fills their weekends. For me it is writing.

Thank you for sharing it with me.

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