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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sing it, sister

Jennifer Knapp is a Christian. Jennifer Knapp is a musician. And now, the world knows, Jennifer Knapp is gay.

As a result of this seemingly insurmountable paradox, Knapp was invited on Larry King Live to defend herself against someone called Bob Botsford, a pastor representing the "other side." I'll let this excerpt from the transcript speak for itself, because Sister Knapp does a pretty darn good job:

KNAPP: If I am a sinner and homosexuality is a sin, let’s just go on that premise for a moment. But what separates that particular sin out from the fact that I’m angry or mad at someone or that I cheat or maybe, you know — what separates that out as so grievous to you that we have to sit here and have this type of conversation?

BOTSFORD: Well, it’s interesting. There’s — sin is sin. You’re absolutely right. And we all have sin.

KNAPP: So, why are we — why am I — why aren’t you in this seat and I’m in the other seat condemning you on national television?

BOTSFORD: I’m not condemning you. Listen, I’m here because I love you. And I told you that off-air, I’ll say it on air. I’m here because I’m concerned. I’m here as a family member.

KNAPP: You get my phone number.

BOTSFORD: You calling yourself a Christian still as part of the family of God saying, as I said in the blog, Jen, come home. Come back. Come out.

KNAPP: I will say this to you again on air. I have spiritual leadership in my life.


KNAPP: The pastoral counsel of those who are dear to me, who understand the Scripture as sacred text. You know, also, want to –

BOTSFORD: I’m not sure they do, Jen.

KNAPP: Don’t interrupt me. You are not that man in my life. Speak to your congregation –

BOTSFORD: I agree. I’m not saying that I’m you’re spiritual authority.

KNAPP: You do not know me, and don’t have the right to speak to me in the manner which you have publicly.

BOTSFORD: Well, I do have a role to stand up for truth.

KNAPP: In your congregation and your community.


KNAPP: But do not — I’m asking you not to do that. I ask you not say that you’re doing that on my behalf.

BOTSFORD: I’m here as a representative of Jesus Christ.

See, here's the thing, Brother Botsford. We are all here as representatives of Jesus Christ. Everyone who dares take on the name of Christian: you, me, and Jennifer Knapp. If "the world" out there is scratching its collective head--can you blame people?

We all need to think long and carefully when we identify as representatives of him who came not into the world to condemn the world...

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