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Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Novel

Arusha is published today by Attitude Books (Spinsters Ink), in both print and e-book formats.
If you are in the Toronto area, I hope you will come to my book launch with Glad Day Bookshop.

For options outside Toronto, please see Buying Books? You Have Choices!

"Arusha is a quietly affective, gracefully written and heart-wrenching novel, written in an assured, convincing and sympathetic narrative voice, about a woman’s struggle to break free of the strictures of family, religion and societal convention and find her own kind of happiness."
-- Kim Moritsugu, author of The Restoration of Emily and The Glenwood Treasure

"A star is born. J.E. Knowles takes on lesbianism and a whole lot more in this novel of a nuclear family gone nuclear. She explores the damage done by the panicked, blatant homophobia that runs like a lit fuse through America. Her first novel is impressive in its characters, construction and evidence of storytelling talent. I hope we’ll be reading a lot more from Ms. Knowles."
-- Lee Lynch, author of Sweet Creek and The Amazon Trail


Jenn Iannuzzi said...

OH MY GOD! Are you kidding me? Are you serious? Where can I buy it? Email with with details. I am your biggest fan! So excited..congrats and all the jazz. 2009 is your year my dear...yay!

Maria said...

We just got your card...CONGRATS! So happy that your novel is getting published!!!! WE're so PROUD of you...hang in there.
Your cousins in California are impressed.
Much love always,
Maria, Steve and Frankie

SwedishJenn said...

Love the reviews and look forward to getting my copy soon. Way to go Jacqui. BTW, in Sweden now. Visit my blog xoxo

J. E. Knowles said...

Thank you, Jenn! Love your blog--will be back for more soon. How's Sweden? "Home" in quotation marks says it all for me...